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Rushan mountain fu rong wood was founded in April 1999,The city is located in rushan city industrial park,Is located in the city,South silver beach,The traffic is very convenient,Our factory covers an area of3Million square meters,Factory and office800Square meters,The total amount of investment380Ten thousand yuan,With employees24People,And it has a complete set of modern processing equipment,Service facilities,For the convenience of the user,We also equipped with a loader、Women of car as well as carrying out car and so on。Fu rong wood processing factory is currently the city larger processing and sales as one integrated wood industry leading enterprises,Large saw every day can be all kinds of timber processing200More cubic meters。And go back to our factory to ensure that all customer satisfaction。I plant the existing wood inventory5000More cubic meters,In processing and sales in the wood2.5Thousands of cubic meters,We always adhere to the honest with each other,The customer is supreme,The purpose of the credibility of the first,Strives for the survival,Strives for the development。On the management of our species,Complete specification,And the quality to get competitive,For each user alike。Fu rong wood processing factory is willing to your company to provide the lowest price of wood,Is the best material of wood,We in line with the principle of reciprocity and mutual benefit both parties,And on the basis of common development,Preferential conditions,Our factory can according to the existing timber market prices,Subject to(You may refer to timber price schedule)。Wood processing fee,My factory can be in the same industry in the city with the lowest price for your company,At the same time,Safeguard your company need wood and in every period processing,Make sure there are no delays。Fu rong wood processing factory factory since,Successively with many large real estate development companies do business,Such as the rushan city c-com construction company,Our business with your organization for eight years,Has always been,Are all very support each other,The real estate company in the aral sea day、Zhonghao real estate development company、Zibo linzi district housing development companies、Rushan mountain yi and real estate company、Zibo east real estate development company。There are several companies,Can't shop is introduced,For a long time,With the support of various units,Insist on a high-volume, low-margin business,Sufficient supply,We urgent user anxious,Want to users want,As a result of our unremitting efforts and the understanding of the user,The two sides work together very happy,Is also very successful,In the industry,We also won some praise。

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Address:Rushan county ningbo road6Number(Opposite the wonderful)

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