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Bright flag snack training

National chain,32Agencies

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Focus on snack food training


Standard catering training base


Teacher training service team


Outstanding students graduated from business

Open a shop business projects

Selective catering good projects,To help you quickly opens the door to the restaurant to get rich!

Local speciality shops

Training local characteristics

Collection now features hot projects,High profits,Income is good,The space is large。Small class teaching,Step-by-step instruction,Learned so far。

Shop early for breakfast

Breakfast early in the training

Breakfast early training includes breakfast with popular nowadays to project,Meet the tastes of different people to pursue。Small investment,Benefit is big

Fast food take-away

Fast food take-away training

With improvement of people's life quality,More and more is also high demand for breakfast,A good breakfast market at present!

Midnight snack stalls

Food taken late at night a team training

Late at night supper gear class contains popular nowadays,Small investment,Good benefit,The market space is large,Small class teaching,Learned so far。

Western food at store

Western food at west point training

Western food at west point has become a popular emerging industry at a handsome salary,Introduction to fast、Good benefit,The market space is large,Small class teaching,Learned so far。

Leisure dessert shop

Leisure desserts training

Leisure desserts training together popular dessert project,Small investment,Good benefit,The market space is large,Small class teaching,Learned so far。

Stores throughout the day

Management training throughout the day

Training for bright flag snacks for you to prepare the management on the courses the popular project throughout the day,Small investment,A bigger market space,Higher profit margins。

Stall business class

Stall entrepreneurship training

Training for bright flag snacks for you to prepare the restaurent business hot project training courses,Small investment,A bigger market space,Higher profit margins。

See more projects

Training courses

200Kind boutique catering project,Believe there is always a right for you!

Western food at west point

See more projects

Bright flags

The whole country32High standard training base,7Years of training10000+Passengers!

The teaching environmentStudentsThe teachers teamThe campus

Brand protection

Learn to snack food technology choose bright flag,With strength、Security is the absolute principle!

Don't limit study time

Bright flag does not restrict students' study time,And can be adjusted according to the needs of the students learning time。

Don't study limited ingredients

Bright flag to ensure does not restrict students' learning materials and equipment,Let the students have enough speaking practice opportunities。

Technical formula does not retain

Bright flag to ensure all technical formula without reservation,All transmissions,And provide standard formulation and materials。

Learn to satisfied

Bright flag hand-on teaching,Ensure students begin speaking more,Really learn the technology satisfaction。

Into the bright flag

Bright flag mission-Inheriting Chinese cuisine,Help ten million people entrepreneurship!

Bright flag snack training

Bright flag snacks training organizations belonging to dongguan strong bright catering management service co., LTD,The company was founded in2012Years,Is a collection of food research and technology development、Catering project training、Food and beverage consulting and planning services、Restaurant chain、Management and investment for an integrated food and beverage management company。7Over the years,Bright flag from the beginning10People development nearly up to now500People,Set up the country32AgenciesThe large-scale chain catering training brand strength。Always adhere to the:"Inheriting Chinese flavor,Help ten million people entrepreneurship"For the enterprise mission。

Bright flag since founded,Has always insisted on:Really fuck practical learning、Step-by-step instruction、Open a shop business is the management idea。Up to now、Has develop food class skills talents for the society as much as tens of thousands of people,By students highly...To view more》


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