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Bob together industry20Years from experienced engineers,Is trained、Experienced professional lifting team
Have a mechanical engineer20People,All kinds of technical personnel120People,The special operation personnel of all kinds of related certificates80More than。

Company to introduce all kinds of advanced imported lifting crane hoisting equipment
With Italy, imported hydraulic folding boom type lorry-mounted crane25Taiwan(8T-100T),Portable hydraulic gantry crane3Sets(300-1000T)
All kinds of special lifting、Aerial work、Equipment disassembling tool and debug testing instrument。

He is committed to meet customer demand,To provide customers with tailor-made,Flexible professional services。Force comprised with professional services to provide clients with valuable installation handling service solutions。

High detail requirements、High quality standards、High technology and the cultural content;The most subtle details of the service,The most suitable tools,The most convenient information communication,The most orderly working environment,The most perfect process;

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About Bob

About Bob

Shenzhen force erectile heavy hoisting co., LTD

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Shenzhen factory relocation matters needing attention

Shenzhen factory relocation matters needing attention

Shenzhen factory relocation、Due to rent、Moved into……Due to the various items,Most citizens、Companies are moving company to help us, please。But moving experience,Many residents said very disturbing,Move… For details

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