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        Taizhou haiyang purification equipment co., LTD,The navy birthplace located in the People's Republic of China--The white horse,Is a production and sales of water treatment equipment、Water treatment accessories、The desulfurization equipment accessories、And corrosion products integrated company。

        The company's main products are environmental protection desulfurization equipment accessories、Water treatment equipment and accessories,Chemical equipment and accessories。Including desulfurization injector,Acid and alkali、Sulfuric acid、Resin injector,Resin trap,Filtered water cap、Bottom of device、Wire branch pipe、Sieve plate,Acid-base metering box,Co2 absorber,The acid mist absorber,The reverse osmosis device,Filter cartridge,Organic glass ion exchange column,Organic glass pure water device,Organic glass pipette,Test tube rack, etc……


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